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In the past, I could compose an e-mail in Thunderbird, and in the TO field write


and then my contact john@the icecream - to given an example - would show up.

Not anymore. TB only looks for names and the first part of e-mail addresses. Any idea what can be done?

Using Ubuntu 10.10, TB 3.1.7.

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There is currently no way to do this. Thunderbird's autocompletion can only match the beginning of each field of the contacts in your address book.

A bug has been reported and there are plans for improvement, but no solution has yet been released.

Note that there are some cases in which it may look like Thunderbird is performing substring matching, when really it is still just matching the beginning of other fields. For example, if you had the following contact in your address book,

Work Organization: Icecream Factory

typing icecream in the To field would autocomplete to, but only because it matches the beginning of Icecream Factory. This behavior may be what you remember seeing in the past.

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Thanks, too bad there is no solution. Will upvote the bug... – user6019 Nov 2 '11 at 20:45

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