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I've been experiencing this perhaps slightly odd bug.

It works flawlessly in Lucid, but not in Maverick and Natty. I find it seems to work when I'm booting a partition everyday (as I do for my main 10.10 partition) but for my 11.04 testing partition it's a real pain - usually refusing to connect.

I think the problem might be due to the PSK authentication/encryption my router is using, but I don't really know anything about this.

So given that I have both a working (10.04) and not-working (10.10 and 11.04) installs, how can I troubleshoot my problem?

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Determine where the regression is: Test Maverick with the Lucid kernel and vice versa, and also test kernels from the mainline PPA. If you can make it work in Maverick with an older kernel and break in Lucid with a newer kernel, it's a kernel regression. If not, it's a problem in the userland.

If it is a kernel regression, determine the newest working kernel and then perform a git bisection to find the exact commit where it stopped working.

If it is a userland bug you will have to dig into the packages involved with wireless.

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