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I have a digital Nikon Coolpix. No more Microsoft after a friend download Ubuntu. So far liking it as in security of past virus! Anyway; love posting photos on facebook and was able to do seamlessly with the microsoft program...however, no luck with the new Ubuntu. Found and printed out instructions - but nothing working. It does not "automatically detect when plugging in and offer to import photos automatically". Attmpted the F-Spot application. Opened the "Applications - then Graphics - but graphics drop screen did not show the "F-Spot Photo Manager, therefore no "file-Import". Help! Thank you :-)

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Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! What exact device is this concerned? Does the device offer you a bunch of connectivity options for USB? E.g. USB mass storage, PTP/MTP, etc. Please edit your question to provide a bit more information. Keep in mind that we don't have your hardware and we can't see your screen, so we rely on the specific information you provide in your question. – gertvdijk Feb 13 '13 at 23:20

What should work (almost) always, is taking out the memory card and putting it in a card reader. F-Spot should recognize that.

That said, I can't really give an answer because you haven't told how the camera is connected. (What the manual says will be useless anyway as that's written for Windows.)

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