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I am having a hard time installing the Nvidia drivers on my Dell XPS l502x. Specs: Intel core i5 (2nd gen) 8GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GT 525M/ also has integrated Intel graphics as well Running Ubuntu 12.04 lts

When I install nvidia-current from software center and try to go to the nvidia settings,i get the following message: You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just runnvidia-xconfigas root), and restart the X server

How can I fix this because I want to try running unity 3d. I did a lot of searching and tried all of the suggestions out there but nothing worked. I know my graphics card is supported in the nvidia-current driver from the software center because it is listed in the /usr/share/doc/nvidia-current/README.txt.gz. Any help is appreciated.

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After installing the nvidia driver you need to re-start X. Log out and back in.

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