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I've had 12.10 x64 for a little over a month now with no problems. The updates installed nicely up until today and the gpu(GeForce 520GTX) driver worked just fine right out of the box in Unity and XBMC(including 1080p decoding).

So, today I installed around a week's worth of updates and after reboot the window borders(borders, menu bars and launcher) are missing.

I tried following some directions I found in various forums but any of them didn't do any good. The only way I get the bars back is by uninstalling nvidia-current but that really isn't a solution.

So, my question is how do I get my PC running smoothly again? I'm guessing this can't be THAT hard to fix since everything worked without a hitch before the update.

Additionally I'd love to know why this happened in the first place. I haven't touched any of the display configs because it all worked fine from the beginning.

I find it a little troubling that answering yes to a harmless looking update prompt can make the system practically unusable if the user doesn't know how to switch tty :)

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