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I have a problem with my backup cronjob. I use these settings (as proposed in that post):

15 * * * * env DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/deja-dup --backup

During runtime deja-dup says:

Backup location not available. Waiting for 'xy' to become connected...

The external disk 'xy' is mounted; I can also create a backup when I run deja-dup --backup in the command line.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Could it be a permission issue? But crontab runs the job with my user I suppose.


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I have the same problem with deja-dup not working reliably when executed via cron. The (very unsatisfying) answer is, that it's simply not designed to work from cron.

One possible solution is to use duplicity for doing cron scheduled backups. Duplicity is the backend deja-dup connects to.

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