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Could someone tell me, what I don't get or get less when installing Ubuntu 12.04LTS on VirtualBox?

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virtual machines are really complicated and advanced technologies. You will definitely see performance degrade. Because you don't have direct access to CPU and you don't have any access to GPU since they don't support virtualization. The virtual machine is an application mostly like any other application that needs to beg the operating system for resources. But for most part, Ubuntu and specially Ubuntu 12.04 takes really small amount of resource (about 400 mb of memory - no need for any fancy GPU and with it's recent updates it doesn't take that much of CPU)

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Well at first you have to run other OS on what virtual box is installed to run Ubuntu and if you will need to run only Ubuntu, that is useless. (e.g. if you will install win7, virtual box on that, and only after that install ubuntu there).

And you may be not able to use all RAM of your PC when you are running from virtual box. And I think that's all that you will lose.

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