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I have Windows installed on one SSD. The SATA cable is currently unplugged because I'm about to install two Linux distros on another SSD, those being Linux Mint 14 and BackTrack 5.

Now, I used GParted to create the following partitions on the sda SSD:

  • sda1 with Ext4 file system for Linux Mint
  • sda2 with Swap for Linux Mint
  • sda3 with Ext4 file system for BackTrack 5
  • sda4 with Swap for BackTrack 5
  • sda5 with Ext4 file system for /Home (to share file among distros)

Now, I'm in the process of installing Linux Mint. It's asking me where I want to install GRUB. Ideally, I want to switch my BIOS to boot from the hard drive where my Linux distros are on, because I've read that GRUB will see Windows and add it to its menu. This seems to be the easiest method of triple booting (2 Linux, 1 Windows).

However, do I install GRUB on the sda hard drive? I placed a boot flag on the sda1 partition, so should I install it there instead?

sda hard drive? sda1 partition?

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