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Summary: Uploaded by first attempt at a package to my PPA; after the launchpad build the package, I found that files are missing from the resulting deb package.

My PPA: https://launchpad.net/~graysky/+archive/utils

My package is simply a bash script, config file, init.d scripts/symlinks, and a man page. Nothing to compile.

How I built it: Created the dirtree shown here populating the various dirs with the requisite files (i.e. /etc, /usr/bin and so on). Then did the following:

cd ~/ppa-src/profile-sync-daemon-5.16
dh_make --native --copyright GPL --single --email myemail@myserver.com
rm -f debian/*.{ex,EX}

<<<edited debian/control and debian/changelog>>

debuild -S
dput ppa:graysky/utils profile-sync-daemon_5.16_source.changes

The files were transferred to launchpad. After launchpad built the package, I extracted the .deb and found that only the /usr dir was included. What am I missing?

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