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I've just installed Ubuntu 12.10 64" ready to play some steam games.

The install went fine I did all the updates etc, however I need to install the proprietary AMD drivers (ATi HD5750) for any decent performance, so I go to the software sources and tick the driver listed.

When I reboot I get my desktop picture and mouse but no Unity whatsoever, I can right click the desktop etc but I have no side launcher or top bar.

I've had to re-install totally twice now to try and fix it but still the same each time.

Any help will as always be much appreciated.


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This is known bug. Kernel supplied with 12.10 install disc won't work with AMD driver.

You can probably run terminal Ctrl-Alt-T

  • Remove and purge AMD driver. After restart you will work with Mesa driver. instructions here

  • Update ubuntu to the latest kernel. (Perhaps you already have latest version as you did updates)

  • Install latest ATI driver downloaded from AMD website.

  • (important - this is where most people fail ) Before reboot do sudo aticonfig --initial -f

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I installed the AMD driver in my fresh installation of Ubuntu 12.10 following this guide, so there is no bug. – Lucio Apr 28 '13 at 22:13

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