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Hi i made an install on HD extern, now i can run ubuntu 12.10 from that external hard disk, it is nice but it would be better to run ubuntu on hd internal. I suspect that the hd extern installation from try (from usb live try) wrote something on sda2. gparted shows on internal HD:

    /dev/sda1 ntfs WINRE 400.00 MB hidden,diag
    /dev/sda2 fat32 260.00 MB boot
    /dev/sda3 unknow 128.00 MB msftres 
    /dev/sda4 ntfs 448.71 GiB
    /dev/sda5 ntfs RECOVERY 16.27 GiB hidden
    unallocated unallocated 7.02 MiB

now when i run ubuntu from hd (i press ESC to see bios options, then F9 to see boot Ubuntu and then i can use ubuntu.

i want to add sda6 (resizing sda4 Windows 8 is installed in EFI mode

is it possible to use option: "Install Ubuntu alongside others", to create a new sda6 partition for ubuntu? Is /dev/sda2 big enought to have windows8, ubuntu from external hd and ubuntu from internal hd? usually ubuntu ask where you want to install ubuntu, and where is mbr for boot, when i installed ubuntu on external hd i wrote sdc (the external hd for boot), when installing in the internal hd where do i have to add mbr boot if asked?

my windows8 installation comes without dvd is preinstalled so if i loose the hd for some reason, i cannot reistall, can you suggest me a good system back up for whole HD internal, running backup software from ubuntu from external hd? I installed on w8 only libreoffice, so it would be nice to make an image that automatically zip or make a tar to not use alle 500G to save few G. It should be a backup for all partitions, because i really dont know how to handle special hp partitions (it would be nice to delete but apparently i lose warranty if i do that.

grazie/thanks you

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