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Is there anyway to get sound louder if you fail to enable the Dolby Home Theater on Ubuntu? The laptop in question is a Z580 Lenovo. It had good sound under Windows, but in Ubuntu the sound is extremely soft. My guess is that the sound is so soft, because the sound system requires special drivers.

There is a similar question for which the answer suggests installing pulse audio:

sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

On running it and going to configuration, there is actually an option for Digital Surround Sound 5.1, but selecting it, just kills the sound completely.

Alternatively, how do you boost your sound power above 100% using the keyboard or default volume control? Using the Pulse Audio Volume control, I am able to push the sound past 100% which does sound much better, but I am unable to do that using the standard volume control on the desktop or using the volume up- and down keys.

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Have you tried alsamixer? Please check whether every setting is proper, using that. Use command alsamixer.

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