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I have 2000 links of .torrent files in .txt file in the following format:

Each link is on a newline.

I used wget -i /path/to/file_of_torrents.txt.

It downloads the files but for some reason no file is able to be used. They are not in right format, perhaps. I don't know what the problem is with them.

But if I paste any link manually in a web browser it downloads perfectly in the right format to be used in a bittorrent client.

What is going wrong?

Additional Information

If i open the file in bitorrent client nothing happens bittorent client cannot read the file. and if i see the source its encrypted and i dont see it as like a normal torrent file because in normal torrent file it has links of anounce.php and servers but if i download it from wget i can read anything in source here is the example

source file downloaded by wget

\C0\C9mdcc\EBlcl\C2\CC\C2\ED\B0\E3f`pr02\B62q\A0766\A6\98ps22\B1\FC\88h\E1\E8\FE\DFX 3\FB\FF\CA\FDe\D8M\E8-\9C\FE\99f\E1\E06wr\FA\F7\BC\9D\F3O\A0\85\F1O'zc[kF\86\FFt\FA\8Bd\FB_B\B6v&6?-\9C\9ClLl\FE   \FF\97"\F3\FFU̿\8B1\FEo\DB\A1\FE\C2\F9\BFt\FE\BD\B0\FF\A5\C6\FE\FF\B6\88\FF\A9\F9@7[\80\B3\E3_GGw\E3*\B2s\B1s\FD;\F4?\97\E1\EA\EAJo\CE\C2\F2/[\A636\E1\E0\FE\B4\FE\BBz6.n\D5\ED1\C0\D6\D5hk0\9B:\D8Z\FF\C7\FE\9B\9B9\FFg\A9\E3Ff&\FF\90eb\E46v01r\FAK\F9\E9\FE\B7#\CE\FF)F\A5(\A9H,4rt$\A6#8X\98\D8KX\FCt0r\A2\FE{\FEI\B2\B0\B5!\FC\E5Z0\B1\B03\B22s\B0\B3r\99pr\9B\D8\DB,l\CCظ\D5T\C5\E98Y\B9-lLm9\A6@:\80\B3\C3?\89@V.f\C6\FF~M\FE\F3O\8C\B5  \C0\C2\F8\8F \D3\FF\F8L\D8\FE

Source of same file downloded from web browser

d8:announce23:udp:// downloaded from torrent cache at http://torrage.com10:created by37:ruTorrent (PHP Class - Adrien Gibrat)13:creation datei1360427649e8:encoding5:UTF-84:infod13:file-durationli4927ei0ei0ei0ei0ee10:file-mediali0ei-1ei-1ei-1ei-1ee5:filesld6:lengthi737021634e4:pathl26:s4a-tpb.afk.hdrip.xvid.avieed6:lengthi4239360e4:pathl4:Subs26:s4a-tpb.afk.hdrip.xvid.subeed6:lengthi40513e4:pathl4:Subs26:s4a-tpb.afk.hdrip.xvid.idxeed6:lengthi4986e4:pathl26:s4a-tpb.afk.hdrip.xvid.nfoeed6:lengthi353e4:pathl44:Torrent Downloaded From
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What do you mean when you say that no file is able to be used and that they are not in the right format (when you use wget -i)? What happens when you try to use them? What error do you get? Please provide more details (by editing your question). Thanks. – Eliah Kagan Feb 11 '13 at 14:18
Also, what happens if you just try downloading a single file with wget, by giving the URL on the command line (i.e., not by using -i)? Is that file usable? – Eliah Kagan Feb 11 '13 at 14:41
@EliahKagan same results weather i use -i or not – Yousaf Ehsan Feb 11 '13 at 14:59
I tried downloading single file but the results are same – Yousaf Ehsan Feb 11 '13 at 15:00
This is strange. I'm able to reproduce this with wget, and with curl also (both with and without the -L flag), which suggests strongly that it's not a bug in wget. – Eliah Kagan Feb 11 '13 at 15:10
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  1. wget -O test.gz && gunzip test.gz
  2. more test.gz


d8:announce23:udp:// 0el26:udp://

  • rest deleted since most of the content seems not to be allowed ;)
  • The file you downloaded is zipped. gunzip does not unzip .torrent so I added a -O and a gunzip

How about these 4 commands for all files:

cd /path/to/
wget -i file_of_torrents.txt
rename.ul torrent torrent.gz *.torrent
gunzip *.gz

Just make sure you work in an empty directory (otherwise files might get renamed or gunzipped that are not intended to).

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yes exactly goal is to download 2000 files how can we use this command to download the files from .txt file ? – Yousaf Ehsan Feb 11 '13 at 15:38
aweeeeeeeesommmmmmmmmeeee thattttttttttssss ittttttttttttt you are masterrrrrrr salute to rizwind – Yousaf Ehsan Feb 11 '13 at 16:02
you made me blush @YousafEhsan :+) – Rinzwind Feb 11 '13 at 16:04
Thankd to Rinzwind and Eliah KAGAN :) – Yousaf Ehsan Feb 11 '13 at 16:19

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