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I recently discovered the bluetooth capabilities in Ubuntu. Would it be possible to configure my HTPC(Ubuntu 12.10) so it would allow pairing multiple bluetooth audio devices(iPhone and 2 Windows PCs) simultaneously in order for it to act as an audio hub. In other words I'd find it very neat if I could have all my devices output their audio through the HTPC to my stereo system in a way that requires no configuration after the initial setup.

I've previously managed to connect my iPhone to the HTPC and even somehow got it to loop back the sound. It worked just great but after disconnecting the phone there was a loud static that didn't go away until I muted the bt audio source. Any ideas how to prevent that?

If multiple simultaneous audio sources isn't possible, I'll settle for an answer that can guide a novice like me to succesfully set up bt audio loopback without the static for a single device :)

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