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Got a problem with FireFox, I installed Enlightenment (e17) and I added a .png to the Icon on the desktop to change the way the icon looks. Now my problem is I uninstalled e17 and now I'm just using Ubuntu Desktop but Ubuntu keeps looking for that old path to the icon I super imposed onto FireFox in e17, I tried uninstalling FireFox and reinstalled it, but FireFox will not boot the only way it boots is when I'm in Terminal and type FireFox.

I don't understand how I can get FireFox to work again? FYI I removed FFox in Ubuntu Software Centre and also through Synaptic and reinstalled through both, but it's still looking for that path to the icon which does not exist.

Please help. :) PS I know I screwed it up trying to make the shortcut icon to firefox to look different, but is there a way to make ubuntu forget the icon path?

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How did you apply or associate the image with Firefox? – Luis Alvarado Feb 11 '13 at 6:10
I can't quite remember I know it had something to do with changing the icon image and now it's always looking for that image. Stupid me. messing with things I should be messin with. But I'll just do a reinstall and back up my hard drive usually only takes me an hour or so to set up Ubuntu the way I like it. This is why I love Linux no subscription, no serial codes, and no malware, adware or viruses. I love UBUNTU! – user130156 Feb 12 '13 at 3:26

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