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Just loaded Ubuntu 10.10 and loaded all updates on a hard drive by itself (without Windows). Would like to change the time for the system to shut down automatically from 60 seconds to 5 seconds, thus just hitting the shutdown icon once and in 5 seconds the system would shut down or give me just enough time to hit the restart button if I wanted to restart. Any way to do it??

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There's no way to configure the timeout currently, and in fact the timeout has been removed. But there is a couple of wishlist bugs to add it back and make it configurable that you might be interested in commenting on:


You shouldn't shutdown a user session with "sudo shutdown -h now" but should instead tell the session you want to shutdown with "gnome-session-save --logout" or if there are programs inhibiting the layout "gnome-session-save --force-logout".

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There is currently no way to do this without editing and compiling the source code. You can, however, shut down immediately through the CLI using the command sudo shutdown -h now.

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Shutting down like this will cause the session to be killed instead of saved. It's generally not a good idea as it can cause data loss. – Ted Gould Feb 9 '11 at 2:47
Otoh, if you understand the risks and take precautions (ie, close all apps first), it's not a bad method. On my home system, I rarely have anything open besides a screen session and a browser, so as long as my files are saved, power down old school. I also don't run a heavy window manager. – djeikyb Feb 9 '11 at 3:30

Open dialogs:

Ctrl + Alt + Del/usr/lib/indicator-session/gtk-logout-helper --logout

/usr/lib/indicator-session/gtk-logout-helper --shutdown

/usr/lib/indicator-session/gtk-logout-helper --restart

Create your own Shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl + Alt + End for shutdown.


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