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In the popular question What Custom Launchers and Unity Quicklists are available? are listed a lot of launchers with custom quicklists for Unity, that worked for Ubuntu old release, included 12.04.

This is a sample from the first answer:


[Videos Shortcut Group]
Exec=nautilus Videos

[Documents Shortcut Group]
Exec=nautilus Documents

Why that quicklists are missing after upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10? This code is no more supported?

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This is because the specifications of the .desktop files are changed, starting from Ubuntu 12.10, to be compliance with the Freedesktop "Additional applications actions" standard.

This is how the change your old .desktop file:

  • OLD: X-Ayatana-Desktop-Shortcuts=ENTRY1;ENTRY2...
  • NEW: Actions=ENTRY1;ENTRY2...

  • OLD: [ENTRY Shortcut Group]
  • NEW: [Desktop Action ENTRY]

  • OLD: TargetEnvironment=Unity
  • NEW: OnlyShowIn=Unity;

Taking the above example (in the question), it would be changed in this way to work in Ubuntu 12.10 and later:


[Desktop Action Videos]
Exec=nautilus Videos

[Desktop Action Documents]
Exec=nautilus Documents

Here the link to the official reference of the Unity Launcher API:

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