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I'm new to linux and few days ago i installed it on my laptop. I have windows 7 64-bit in one partition and on other partitions the ubuntu 12.10(6gb), swap partition(8gb) and /home partition about 60gb. The battery life on windows have about 3 hr life but on ubuntu only 1hr and 20 min. what might be problem?

As i say before i new to linux and it's my 1-st time i'm using it. also in the system on ubuntu it says that the graphic is unknown, but when i'm checking it through package that i installed it recognize my graphic card. Maybe there is a problem with the drivers of the card?

I'm using dell vostro 3450, i have 2 graphic cards AMD Radeon HD 6630M and Intel graphic card on the mother board. From what i read on the forums it might be a problem with the drivers when there are 2 graphic cards.

I have 3 questions, the first is about the battery life, the second one is about the graphic cards drivers and the third about the size of the partitions(i set those size's from what i read on the forums).

Thanks a lot for the help.

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Ubantu Distros are really power hungry.they uses Processor muchmore than windows7 but uses less ram. CPU spends much power to run linux than windows. Display brightness is also a problem, can you reduce your display brightness?? try slackware based Slax to minimise CPU use, but probably nothing about the display brightness. Slax is just awesome.

You can install graphics drivers, but I think it cant give hardware accelaration to your games or HD videos. I hav Installed but no difference observed by me or I dont know how to do this correctly, that is just spending time.

You dont have to spend 8GB as a swap partition 1 Gb is enough. at 4 GB ram swap area is not used .Large swap area is for old laptops with very low amount of ram(say 256MB),but you need enough swap area(~1GB) if you want to hybernate your Ubantu.Im using 500Mb swap with 4GB ram, no can mount your windows NTFS partitions in linux, so no need of /home as large as 60GB!!

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