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I've got a computer that shipped with Windows 8, installed in EFI. I want to install Ubuntu in dual boot, so I have to install it in EFI as well. I disabled the 'Secure boot' in the BIOS.

I created a live USB using the 64bits version. I can boot from it, and get to the screen with the 3 different options: try / install / check for errors. I'm using nomodeset because of some graphical issue.

When I check for errors, no errors are detected. I also checked the hashes on the iso file to make sure it wasn't corrupted - no problem there.

So when I use the option Try Ubuntu, it starts fine but always stops at the same point. Here are the last few lines I've got on screen:

 * Starting configure network device security [OK]
 * Starting CUPS printing spooler/server [OK]
 * Starting CPU interrupts balancing daemon [OK]
 * Stopping save kernel messages [OK]
 * Starting crash report submission daemon [OK]
 * Stopping anac(h)ronistic cron [OK]

And that's it, nothing happens after that. Any help/advice you can provide will be most welcome!


I found a solution to my problem here: After Upgrading to 12.04 I can't get to the login screen

I booted from Grub using the option 'xforcevesa', that did the trick!

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