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I've a done wrong use of sudo mv command. Example:

sudo Mv/home/USER/Downloads/piff.pdf /root/PDFs

Then the directory /root/PDFs has been changed to a plain text file.

I can undo the command? I can retrieve the directory?

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The command you typed is invalid so the answer you get from me has assuptions. Please clarify what you mean. – Rinzwind Feb 10 '13 at 7:21

If the problem is that you forgot to add a / at the end then ...

sudo mv /root/PDFs /home/USER/Downloads/piff.pdf

will restore the file to its original location and then you can redo the move with...

sudo mv /home/USER/Downloads/piff.pdf /root/PDFs/.

Warning: this ONLY works on the assumption that you intended to move the file to directory /root/PDFs and forgot to add the /. I do also want to make a comment that if that is the case the actual mv you tried should have given an error (since the wrong move you made only works when the directory does not exist).

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