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Will Ubuntu 11.04 come along with up to date Gnome-Shell packages?

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By 'come along with', do you mean installed by default or a package in the universe/main repositories. – dv3500ea Feb 8 '11 at 20:48

Unfortunately it seems highly likely that GNOME Shell will not make it into the 11.04 repositories. This is because of its dependencies on the GNOME 3 stack, which won't make it into 11.04.

There have been quite a lot of architectural changes in the rest of the GNOME stack, which we aren't adopting in Ubuntu this cycle and are necessary to make gnome-shell work properly

There is likely to be a PPA with these underlying GNOME 3 libraries and a "stable" version of GNOME Shell. GNOME 3 is due for release on April 4th, so around this time I'd start to keep a look out for this PPA.

For more details see the mailing list post Status update on GNOME3 and natty

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