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I have a computer and a server. Both with Ubuntu 12.04: desktop and server respectively. On the server configured iSCSI target with 2 LUNs. First for Windows OS and second is emulated iso image with Win8 installation DVD.

So from GRUB boot loader in my Desktop I'm trying to boot iso image at the server with Win8 installation trough iSCSI. And install W8 OS as second OS.

I found the way to boot Windows from iSCSI by using PXE network boot. And I found the way how to boot Linux from iSCSI. And how to boot W8 from grub. But how to combine thees?

That will be great to have USB flash drive with pre-configured grub to install ISO's remotely from iSCSI target.

So how to boot Windows installation from iso image through iSCSI from GRUB?

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