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Trying to install 12.10 i386 iso image from DVD to Dell Inspiron 9300 with ATI Radeon 3xx (maybe 360?) graphics card. The desktop is visible including the toolbar across the top of the desktop. However the launcher bar is not visible, which makes the install useless to me.
In single user mode, I tried installing the fgrlx drivers and X 1.3 (I think, its been a while), that rewarded me with no desktop at all.
Same situation if I install 12.04 i386 image from DVD.

Desktop worked perfectly the first time I installed 12.10, with no special effort during install. But then my newbie goof while partitioning an SD card whacked the HD. Since then, doing erase/install, have not been able to get a launcher with either Ubuntu generation.

Am I just hosed because ATI quit support for the Radeon cards?
Do I have any recourse with this old laptop? I need it as a build platform for embedded Ubuntu images for Beaglebone. Thanks, Paul

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