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I'm running Rhythmbox under Ubuntu 10.04. I am looking for a way to map a keyboard shortcut to advancing a track by a specified amount of time, say 20-30 seconds.

The goal is to be able to press Alt+NextTrackKey and skip embedded ads in podcasts. I'm using Rhythmbox but am willing to change to Banshee if that would be easier.

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I have a small plugin for that; Rhythmbox Skip Ahead, you are free to improve the source if you want. ATM the skip is hardcoded to 20 seconds and the shortcut is Ctrl-v. Just Extract the tarball and run, please.

A possible future feature would be to automatically skip the first 20 seconds of certain podcasts, but that's advanced stuff..

Or you can use the pythonconsoleplugin and run the skip_ahead function

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Hey thanks. That at least is a big step forward towards what I need. – Andrew Redd Feb 10 '11 at 6:49

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