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I've been trying to get Ubuntu to work for literally days now on my new G5 Powermac. I've read up on some things but I'm new to Macs.

I've downloaded the ISO file and burned it to a CD using diskimage. When I restart and hold down C, I just receive a huge spam of white words on a black background (similar to a terminal). Then the screen becomes white.

The white screen remains displayed for about a minute or two and then my CD drive ejects, the screen turns blue, and the display shows a file with a question mark on it. Then Mac OS X loads.

I am running the earlier version with the 5200 graphics card, which apparently leads to a "phantom port" issue. I'm new to this.

Also, I am not using a Mac keyboard.

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G5s are pretty old. Are you using a PPC specific build of ubuntu? x86/AMD64 builds would not work –  Journeyman Geek Feb 9 '13 at 9:51

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