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I am a budding Linux enthusiast who seems to keep running into problems, but am determined to fix this one. Hopefully someone here can help:)

I was having some problems with an install of Ubuntu 12.10 so I decided to reinstall Ubuntu Studio 12.04 over the existing install.

I am running a dual boot WinXP/Ubuntu system and decided it would be safe to reinstall Ubuntu from a liveusb of Ubuntu Studio 12.04 I had on an existing USB stick.

All went well, booted from the usb, played around with it for a while then decide to install. Chose the option that said 'Install over your existing Ubuntu 12.10' - let this run, finish and then rebooted.

I was then faced with the grub rescue prompt and 'no such partition'.

I then rebooted this time with my usb stick in and lo and behold it booted into grub with my usual boot options e.g. Ubuntu, Memtest, Win XP etc.etc.

So I figure somehow I've installed the bootloader to my USB (/sdb1) and my system won't boot without it.

Have installed boot-repair and ran the log:

My OLD Ubuntu 12.10 was installed on a partition called /dev/sda2 which no longer exists, and new install of 12.04 is on /dev/sda6.

Should I just run boot-repair and hope for the best? I have had a similar problem before and boot repair melted my system somehow. Fortunately I have got a complete image of my hard drive which I took about 6 months ago, I'd rather use this as a last resort though if I can't recover this.

Help me please!!!

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All you need to do is re-install grub. Put it onto the MBR of your first disk drive.

boot-repair is the appropriate graphical tool for the task ;)

See for details

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