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I'm using Ubuntu Server 12.10 and I need to configure a cron job to delete some files in samba shares that belong to some criteria.

I'm configured some samba shares in /media/raid/. The folders are: process library users local

All these folders are specific samba shares with specific permissions. All of these folders have a sub-folder named .recycle that is used to store all deleted files in the shares.

What I need to do is to delete all files that are inside that shares (folders), in order to them go to the .recycle folder after they will be deleted, but I don't want to delete the files that have that same name in the .recycle folder.

The files are named '..rvt' where the first * is the file name and the second one is some numbers that auto increment, so that's the mask I need to use.

I have tried find command in multiple ways, but I always get the files inside .recycle folder.

I also need to assure that the files are removed like a user delete them, so they go to the .recycle directory.

Can you help???...

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Hard to do it in a single find, but quite easy if you split the task into something like this:

# Generate a list of paths
find <path> -iname "*.rvt" > potential_deletes.txt
# Discard files you don't want to delete
grep -v ".recycle" potential_deletes.txt > final_deletes.txt
# Perform deletion
rm `paste -s -d" " final_deletes.txt`
# Clean up
rm potential_deletes.txt final_deletes.txt

Of course, you could join all commands in a single line and avoid the creation of intermediate files.

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