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I found the install-tl script, but it installs texlive into /usr/local. Can I trick it into installing it on top the current texlive 2009 installation?

PS. Does anyone think it si worth the trouble?

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Having TL 2010 installed is worth the trouble. Not sure why you want one on top of the other, however. See here for basic tips on just having TL 2010 installed. If you want both, as far as I know, you don't need to do anything special, you just to make sure the one you want to use comes first in your $PATH. – frabjous Feb 8 '11 at 14:14
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Do you know how to do that using update-alternatives? If you do please post the steps. Thanks.

I did another approach

  1. Edit the /etc/enviroment file as root and add the path directly, like: sudo gedit /etc/enviroment
  2. then add the path, it should look something like this (if you distribution is 32 bit)


  3. logout or reboot
  4. next puge kile out of you system sudo apt-get purge kile kbibtex then
  5. add this PPA
  6. update and reinstall kile

P.S. Just one note, when you do a sudo tlmgr update --all it wont work. You just have to do a sudo su then tlmgr update --all

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If you want to have both at the same time, you could install Tex-Live 2010 to /usr/local and then use update-alternatives to point to the executables you would like to use.

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