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I am using Ubuntu 12.10 with Gnome-Shell from the gnome-3-team/gnome3 ppa.

This is working great, and I have my custom theme setup.

The only issue I am running into is that Gnome-Shell seems to forget the theme after every reboot.

If I open gnome-tweak-tool the correct theme is selected, however it is not applied; if I select anything else and then re-select the theme it is then applied correctly.

What could be causing this? It does not seem to be related to a specific theme, as I am getting the issue with both Mountain Shell and Elegance Colours.

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After a quick debug of selectively disabling extensions it came down to my initial attempt at fixing/tweaking the original gnome-shell theme.

Specifically the installation of the remove rounded corners extension.

While toggling this extension I noticed that every time I re-enabled it my shell theme would revert back to default. so un-installing does the trick.

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