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I want to run Xswipe for my xps 13 (sputnik) build.

I have added it to gnome-session-properties.

The command is:

perl ~/xSwipe-master/

But it does not run at startup.

Any ideas?


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I'm pretty sure what you add to the gnome-session-properties is equivalent to a command run by using Alt+F2 and running a command. You can't run scripts that way as far as I've been aware.

I think the proper way to get a script to run on startup is to add that command in:


Before exit 0. I haven't done it myself though. Take a look here.

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I got it to work with gnome-session-properties; Using perl /home/username/xSwipe-master/ Thanks for the help! – Bob Feb 8 '13 at 3:28

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