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I'm looking for a software which can tell me if a server is up or down.

Typically I need that the software call a specific url every 2 seconds and check the content of the response.

If content match, green indicator, if not red indicator.

Simple, does it exist?

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You might buil a script which uses curl to output the response to stdout and check the content with bash. – FSMaxB Mar 13 '13 at 15:15

Yes it does. I only know of Conky though, which can be a little on the technical side.

In the description, he shows his coding to get Conky to show the server status of whatever server you wish.

An explanation to help you get started with Conky can be found here:

Conky can also monitor your CPU, RAM, Weather of your area, be a clock, etc. It is a really great tool to have and learn!

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