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I´m using proxy and don´t have problems with anything except cURL.

Anytime i try to do:

curl -L

i receive:

curl: (5) Couldn't resolve proxy 'http'


curl --proxy -L

will work good.

Is there any solution for not writing --proxy everytime?

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From man curl:

-x, --proxy <[protocol://][user@password]proxyhost[:port]>

 Use the specified HTTP proxy. 
 If the port number is not specified, it is assumed at port 1080.

For general use, declare environment variables for http/https

export http_proxy=http://your.proxy.server:port/
export https_proxy=$http_proxy
  1. edit /etc/bash.bashrc add to the end of file :
    export http_proxy=
    export https_proxy=$http_proxy
    export ftp_proxy=
  • OR proxy no username and password case - :
    export http_proxy=
    export https_proxy=$http_proxy
    export ftp_proxy=
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seems like i lacked export https_proxy=$http_proxy line in my ~/.bashrc. Thank you. – ted Feb 8 '13 at 8:35

What happens is that you have a http_proxy environment variable set. By default curl tries to use that first. Your http_proxy is also apparently invalid. To see what you have there, type:

echo $http_proxy

You'd need to check where you're setting http_proxy and fixing that so that it points to the correct one.

The other answer is much more complete than mine :)

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