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I just have successfully installed touchegg and touchegg gui on my Ubuntu 12.10. But, right now I still can't use the multi touch gestures through touchegg. Nothing happen when I use my three fingers or more on the touch pad. But, the 2 fingers scroll from Ubuntu is still working well.

I am able to use the touchegg GUI configuration and set any kind of move that I want for my touch pad. But, it's not working.

So, what should I do to make the touchegg working?

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What you need to do it disable the Unity default gestures:

1. You have to download the Unity sourcecode:

sudo apt-get build-dep unity

cd /tmp

mkdir unity

cd unity

apt-get source unity

2. We the have to edit a file:

sudo gedit /tmp/unity/unity-*/plugins/unityshell/src/unityshell.cpp

Then find: void UnityScreen::InitGesturesSupport() and comment out (add # to the start of the line) all the lines the start with gestures_ that are in between the { and }

3. Now we have to rebuild the .deb file and install it

cd /tmp/unity/unity-*

dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -nc

cd ..

sudo dpkg -i *deb

sudo apt-get -f install

sudo apt-get autoremove

NOTE: You may want to stop Unity upgrading as it will re-activate the gestures if it does. this can be done by running the following command:

echo "unity hold"|sudo dpkg --set-selections

4.Reboot If it still isn't working after the reboot you may need to run some extra commands:

synclient TapButton2=0

synclient TapButton3=0

synclient ClickFinger2=0

synclient ClickFinger3=0

synclient HorizTwoFingerScroll=0

synclient VertTwoFingerScroll=0

Hopefully this get you up and running

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