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I'm thinking about taking a stab at Ubuntu-One for cloud and/or virtualization purposes and for my first time although I have distro-hopped Linux desktop for a few years and worked somewhat with Red Hat.

Just curious when you say "Cloud", will I need to set up a physical server and use acting thin client PCs on my home network working as a cloud storage solution or on-demand software? OR is this more of a all-in-one Virtual Box type solution?

When people say things like cloud, virtualization and SaaS/On-demand Software, I always wonder what precisely is their definition?

I know it is somewhat of a noob question and maybe Ubuntu-One can do all of the above. Perhaps directing me to a FAQ area where this is more thoroughly covered?

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Ubuntu One is not a service for setting up and managing virtualized servers. – dobey Feb 7 '13 at 15:04