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When I maximize flash to full screen mode, it lags. The video renders slowly even though the sound is playing smoothly.

I think this might be caused by an issue I'm facing with installing the correct video driver for my computer, an "HP dv4 2154ca" .

I've tried to install the driver a couple of times, but the xorg.conf file is still empty no matter what.

So my question is, why is this file empty, and how could I generate it correctly for my device? Is this the cause of my video rendering problems in flash?

Thanks in advance.

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By default, there no longer is an xorg.conf file as everything is autodetected at this point. I can't answer why fullscreen flash is having trouble, based on what I can tell your computer shouldn't have trouble with that.

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This bug is very possibly the cause of your problem.

From there, you can try the GPU validation trick :

sudo mkdir /etc/adobe
echo "OverrideGPUValidation=true" >~/mms.cfg
sudo mv ~/mms.cfg /etc/adobe/

But many people have reported that Compiz prevents this fix from working properly, so you might be out of luck until a revised flash-plugin becomes available.

Another option might be to switch to Chromium, as it uses an inbuilt version of flashplugin. To be honest, that just means that Chromium's flashplugin might be a little more up to date, but ultimately it's still just flashplugin, so possibly a dead end.

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