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This is perhaps more suitable for Brainstorm as a feature request or a candidate for bug reporting, but, for now, I'll post it here:

When telling an application to be both

  • always on visible workspace and

  • always on top

this works, BUT, when switching workspaces, said application is not only always on top but also "always in focus by default" in all workspaces.

In other words, it ( Compiz ? Unity ? ) does not remember being "blurred" (ie, having lost focus to some other application) in a given workspace, but rather reliably (and reproducibly) forgets all about it, as soon as switching to another workspace and then switching back again.

This is not sth I'd want to use every day, but right now I was wanting to have a long-ish Video in VLC running as a "Picture-in-Picture"-type thing which I'd pause and ignore and then run a bit more etc, whilst frequently switching workspaces; basically keeping said application in the background (somewhere on my large screen), but still visible, ie, "on top".

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I just noticed this irritation, it should be fixed. But it's more general than that - any window with "always on top" grabs focus when shifting into a workspace (regardless of always on visible workspace.) That's super irritating. – Jeff Ward Jun 23 '15 at 17:48

This is preliminary:

Make application always on visible workspace by default? uses CCSM and the Window Rules plugin, which comes with an option of "no-focus". So I guess that could pass as an acceptable, though sub-ideal work-around.

Why sub-ideal? Because a) it requires CCSM ('nuf said) and b) would require setting up a rule, rather than having c) this "bug" fixed...

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