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I'm using Mobile Broadband using a nokia mobile to connect to Internet. All I did in my Ubuntu 12.10 is add 'new mobile broadband' (in terms of networking, no other tweaks).
Yesterday i just test connected a micromax mobile (Not deteced by nm). After that i can't connect to internet using my nokia mobile. This is first in my experience (Connecting a phone make the network manager to not detect other one). lsusb and ifconfig -a show my phone without any problem. Then I connected the nokia to a live system, everything is OK until i connect the Micromax phone. (just phically. nm not even detected the micromax).After that no detection by nm.
I think reseting network manager will fix the problem.

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You can restart network-manager by doing (in the terminal):

sudo service network-manager restart

Certainly I find this can help with some network hardware issues (network-manager seems not to properly detect when my wifi is turned back on with an external switch, for instance), whether it will help here you will have to find out.

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