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First of all :i'm a unfamiliar when it comes to ubuntu or any other linux distros..

Question backround: I installed ubuntu 12.10 on my external hard drive. (Desktop PC) Installed closed amd drives because default ones freeze "desktop" view.

Now i plugged external hard drive on my laptop and it says that there is a problem with graphic drivers.

Laptop graphic card= Nvidia GT 555m,

Desktop PC graphic gard = AMD Radeon HD 6950

Question: Is there some way that i don't have to reinstall graphic drivers everytime when i plug hard drive into different machine. "Just Select it."

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I don't believe there is a easy way. try sudo rmmod radeon & sudo rmmod radeonhd,to remove radeon driver. more over your laptop GPU is probably optimus enabled. Avoid installing nvidia drivers directly. – Web-E Feb 6 '13 at 6:07

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