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I have a Dell Inspiron 15R (N5010) and I downloaded Ubuntu 12.10 onto a 4 GB memory stick. Nothing comes up about installation. The only thing that comes up is Install Ubuntu (F:) in AutoPlay. I open the view files and click the wubi.exe file and the Ubuntu Menu comes up. I then click Demo and Full Installation. Then i click Reboot Now. It reboots but nothing happens. I tried pressing the Fn and F12 keys and nothing happens either. I'm not quite sure what to do now.. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You.

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If you have a new laptop, probably UEFI (the BIOS replacement) does not allow you to do it. I had the same problem with my new Samsung laptop. Before the secure boot was not turned off in UEFI (kinda BIOS, you can access it using F2 or something) I did not get any options about booting from CD or USB. So if you have a new laptop - turn off the secure boot and install Ubuntu!

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