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I'd really love to make my Ubuntu USB persistent. I've tried every possible thing on the internet I could find that I was able to do. (I'm on OS X.) I've gone through easily 36 hours of constant work, (I've got a few days off here :P) and I've yet to get a solution.

I've tried unetbootin, I tried booting in to a VirtualBox machine, tried using 3 USBs to put the .iso on another USB from the live install and creating one from inside Ubuntu. nothing has worked.

I do have a Live USB ready to be used right here, but I need it persistent. I have an 8GB drive, so I've got plenty of space.

I'd like to not have to redo the installation on a USB, and hopefully make it straight from the USB in Ubuntu, but if I have to perform this from OS X, so be it.

Also, I'd like to install most of the Backtrack 5 tools on that USB, so I can take it anywhere.

How can I fix this issue?

All help is much appreciated!

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