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I'm running a fairly new install of 10.04 using a happy hacker keyboard because I'm an emacs user. I've already turned off most of the bindings in 'preferences->keyboard shortcuts' and modified the layout options 'preferences->keyboard' to set 'Meta is mapped to Win keys'. Everything is working well except some rat b*stard program is stealing -n and -m. This seems to cause a sort of inverse video effect in both cases, with -n affecting only the current window and -m affecting the entire desktop, so I suspect that this is the window manager but I can't figure out where this might be configured so I can change it. Anybody got any ideas?

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You've discovered Compiz' colour inversion feature :-)

To get rid of it, install the Compiz configuration settings manager (ccsm) Install compizconfig-settings-manager,

  • Go to "Negate Window Contents"

  • Click on the buttons that says Super+N and M, for each of them

    • Remove the check mark at "Enabled"

You can also disable the feature altogether, by removing the check mark in the side bar on the left.

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For some reason, ccsm is in the wrong language for me. The description "Negate Window Contents" might be slightly different for you. – Stefano Palazzo Feb 7 '11 at 17:31
You have earned my undying gratitude! – BD at Rivenhill Feb 7 '11 at 18:39

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