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My problem is that I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 using Wubi, and since I have Windows XP I decided not to partition my hard drive. The installation went through fine, and when it finished I restarted my computer.

When my computer rebooted, the grub boot screen appeared, with both Ubuntu and Windows XP as choices, and I chose Ubuntu. However, a couple of commands appeared on the screen including the famous GRUB RESCUE, and I don't know what the command is or what to write in this space.

Please, I'm a newbie, and Ubuntu is my first Linux distribution. What do I do?

Original Text

mi problema es que acabé de instalar Ubuntu 12.10 por medio de Wubi, ya que tengo Windows XP y no decidí particionar el disco duro. Se descargó bien, luego reinicié el PC y me apareció para escoger entre los dos sistemas operativos, escogí Ubuntu pero al escogerlo me aparecían un par de comandos y entre ellos el famoso GRUB RESCUE y no sé que comando es, ni sé que escribir en ese espacio. Por favor, soy novato, este Ubuntu sería mi primera distribución Linux, ¿QUÉ HAGO?

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When posting on this site, please use English, which is the default language for the site. – RolandiXor Feb 5 '13 at 22:56
I recommend not using Wubi, just install it via the livecd. Te recomiendo NO instalar Ubuntu por Wubi por varias razones. Hazlo mejor por el livecd o livedvd, liveusb cualquier cosa live, menos por el Wubi. En realidad la mayoria de estos problemas es por culpa de Windows y como "afecta" el funcionamiento de Wubi. – Luis Alvarado Feb 6 '13 at 0:44

That's not a grub rescue prompt. It's a grub prompt. There is a difference - you have many more commands at your disposal - but it's not going to help you much, because it's a fresh install.

Usually when Wubi users experience this it's due to filesystem corruption and you can just run chkdsk from Windows or fsck from a live CD, but in this case, it's probably a different issue preventing Grub from loading the menu (grub.cfg) from the virtual disk (root.disk).

Not really sure what could cause this, but it happened to someone else recently - have a look here:

You can try a few of the commands and see if your problem is the same, and if so, file a bug.

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