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I'm having some interesting issues with my Graphic card drivers and Grub. I just installed 12.10 and everything is up to date.

If I'm using the X.Org AMD drivers, I just see a distorted orange image when I get to what's supposed to be the login-screen. If I press ctrl+alt+f2, everything just goes black. Going back to the GUI just gives me the same weird orange screen. However, the sound-effect that indicates that Ubuntu is ready to go goes of just fine.

Now what's really interesting is that if manually select to start any random version of the Linux kernel from grub, everything works just fine! However, changing what version grub automatically starts with does no difference at all.

So I tried using the proprietary drivers. However, even though these get my to the login-screen without the weird grub issues, Unity crashes as soon as I log-in and all I can see is the desktop wallpaper and the courser. And if I try to start Unity from Terminal, I get an avalanche of Compiz-errors.

I've reinstalled Ubuntu twice, but that doesn't seem to fix anything.

My graphics card is an AMD HD6850, and I'm using an AMD Phenom II processor.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Latest Kernel-update somehow fixed this issue. –  Kristian Alvarez Apr 19 '13 at 3:39

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