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my main purpose is to be able to install ubuntu to the hard disc so that my settings and everything are saved but i want it to load itself to my ram for faster operation and better battery life while the hdd sleeps

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Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! How do you think this is feasible? Whenever you save data it will be written to RAM only - or wake up your disk. Please explain why (or how) you think this is possible to do this without loosing all your data. And actually, the Live CD/image is already running like this. It's a SquashFS filesystem in memory with the ability to write into it (in memory), but you'll loose all changes when you turn your PC off. – gertvdijk Feb 5 '13 at 20:47


It is a lengthy how-to on the forums ;)

It will use the hard disk (or flash drive) if you wish to save your data between boots.

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