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I have written a c program that controls the parallel port ... and also written a .cgi file which in turn executes the above c program which turns 'on' an led attached to the parallel port.
This thing works fine when i execute the .cgi file by giving permissions to execute. But when i try to do the same thing over the localhost(LAMP server) the .cgi file is getting called but the c program which it should call is not getting executed.
There seems to exist some permissions problem with the web server when trying to access the hardware.

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Try running a Python CGI server like this in the directory with the executable: python -m CGIHTTPServer, and calling it over HTTP. If it works, try switching users to the www-data user (sudo su www-data -) and try again. If it doesn't work, Python will show errors in the console.

You can try checking what groups your normal users belong to, and which users the www-data user belongs to. Most likely, the www-data user needs to be added to dialout and/or plugdev.

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