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I am running a full-disk encrypted Ubuntu 12.10.

Can I install Windows alongside, adding it at the boot menu on this machine? If so, how?

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Yes, encryption (LUKS) does not affect the ability to boot Windows as :

  1. The boot partition is not encrypted.

  2. The ability to boot windows is set in GRUB.

Are you having difficulty or just asking ?

FWIW: if you are installing Windows second, you will need to restore grub after installing windows. See

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Thanks for the quick reply, bodhi.zazen. This is great information. I was mostly confused about first steps. How do install Windows without wiping Ubuntu? Do I need to create a new partition first? Also, I hear that Windows can sometimes inadvertently write over the encrypted partition(s), as it thinks they are empty. – fallingplates Feb 5 '13 at 18:44
Yes you would create the partitions first. Resizing a LUKS is not so easy. Perhaps your best bet would be to start over, partition your hard drive, install windows, and then install Ubuntu. – bodhi.zazen Feb 5 '13 at 19:03

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