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I have installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my HP Pavilion g6 Notebook. It is working all fine except when I try to shut it down, it gets unresponsive. It would display some processes and hangs up. I am new to this OS so I don't know up the problem could be. I don't know what is happening.

Also, sometimes it shows an error message saying:

Sorry, Some Internal Error has occured.

And then it asks for checking online for solution, but that has also not provide any help.

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Can you take screenshot/photo with camera of your situation? – ZDroid Feb 10 '13 at 14:15

Try to shut down from terminal.

  1. While you are at your desktop GUI, press Ctrl+Alt+F1 (not yet).

  2. Log in with your credentials.

  3. Type: sudo shutdown now

    There you may have a better screen to see what’s happening, when the shutdown process begins, normally may be a "service/daemon" or driver taking more time to be killed

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One solution I can think of that fixed my issue (related to graphics card update) when I had a similar problem was to update grub.

sudo update-grub

Once you've done that try shutting down and restarting a few times. If it works and in future it happens again run the above command.

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