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I have basically two problems. The first relates to OpenGL and Cairo. I have a strange icons color in cairo. I know it's a problem with Open GL, but I do not know how to set the nvidia control panel to make it work. The second problem is the launching Diablo III. After installing the game on play on linux it was working properly for a while, after playing witch nviadai panel I can not launch the game on the big screen, the game starts on
secondery screen. Even when I turn it off in the options Diablo is turning it on by itself.

ps. Im using ubuntu 12.04 LTS gc GTX 570 thx for help

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you need to ask questions one question per question instead of asking them together. With the first issue, you may also want to add a screenshot –  Journeyman Geek Feb 5 '13 at 12:19

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