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I'm trying to run your own bazaar server on Ubuntu 12.04 server - so far after reading stuff in internet i found this "tutorial" - this looked quite clearly for me so i have followed the instructions.

but at the end when i want to push something to repo i get only:

damian@damian-desktop:~/Pulpit$ bzr checkout bzr+ssh:// testowy-projekt1
    bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "/home/tomasz/bzr/test1/.bzr/branch-format": : [Errno 13] Permission denied: u'/home/tomasz/bzr/test1/.bzr/branch-format'

user permissions are ok - this was firs thing that i have checked (i have even tryed to give extremely generous permissions just for testing),

any ideas?

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It looks like you do have a user permission issue there.

The Bazaar branch on the server is in the home directory of user tomasz, but you seem to be doing the checkout as user damien. Does user damien really have permission to access the files of tomasz?

The blog article you linked does things differently. It puts the Bazaar branch outside of user home directories, in /bazaar, and sets up a dedicated group to access it, and makes all users part of that group.

In any case, I recommend a different approach, explained in Bazaar's documentation:

In particular I recommend the section "Using a restricted SSH account to host multiple users and repositories". With that setup, each user can have their personal writable areas, and the repository manager's area (maintainer of the trunk, often called the gatekeeper) read-only to other users. If you want all users to have write access to the trunk, you can do that too.

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yes you're right, I am not doing exactly like in tutorial - i have adapted it to my needs. User Damian has all needed rights to read files. - i will try to set ut things as you recommended (i hope this will do the job :) ) – Tomasz Bocheński Feb 6 '13 at 9:40

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