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I have recently much trouble with services started by upstart. Currently I have problems with avahi-daemon and rsyslogd. Most of the time i had that problem on Ubuntu >= 12.04.

What's the problem? If I stop such a service, the stop-script hangs (waited 2 day on one server). When I kill it the service remains in the following state stop/killed, process <pid> which is undocumented (just stop/killed is documented!). The service really is down.

Now when I try to start the service with service <service> start again the start script hangs, too.

My question to that is: How shall I debug such problems? The start/stop scripts just do nothing at a point and it is intranparent to me what causes this. I even had that problem with the unattended-upgrades

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The command to start system Upstart job is sudo start <service>. Since version 6.10. Upstart replaced the /sbin/init daemon handling starting and stopping tasks and services during boot/shutdown and supervising them while the system is running. [1]

Log files can be found in /var/log/upstart/<service>.log. You can increase log priority from the default message to debug to get more details. [2]

Your problem is caused by wrong use of the expect fork stanza creating job with the status job stop/killled, process nnn. [3]

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+1 for [3] and I was able to fix it with the script found at the bottom of the conversation there (talk about an extreme hack). – w00t Jul 22 '13 at 20:58

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